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  • How to improve your employees’ experience
    THE mismatch between employees’ experience in the workplace and outside of it can contribute to a higher level of disengagement and unhappiness.
  • YOU have sweated the detail on a proposal to your prospective client and have sign-off from your colleagues. All you need to do now is to upload it to the file-transfer site before your flight leaves.
  • WORK travel can feel nasty, almost as though you have been duped into working on holiday. For many professionals, business travel means travelling alone, and that can mean eating alone.
  • THE office you choose for your business has a direct impact on your employees, your clients and, of course, your bottom line.
  • It is applicable irrespective of whether the discussion is part of an annual review or takes place in the form of performance counselling associated with disciplinary action. It is implemented,

  • The safety of thousands of passengers in her care is crutial in the busy day life of Noni Radebe.
  • THINK of pro-working as co-working’s more mature older sibling, who is also better dressed and much more sophisticated.
  • THE Workplace skills plan (WSP) is intended to document skills needed in a company and to describe a range of skills development interventions that the company will use to address those needs.
  • THE start of a new year presents an opportunity to refocus efforts on motivating employees and fostering an engaging, rewarding work environment.
  • THE workplace is undergoing tremendous change as a result of new technology, shifting societal attitudes and new generations of workers with different needs and ideas.
  • HOW many hours did you work yesterday? Chances are it was not eight.
  • IT IS estimated that more than a million people now work in 14 000 co-working spaces around the globe – and the trend is becoming increasingly popular.
  • IF LOOKING around your office at motivational posters from 1988, psyche-ward green walls and rows of people slumped at rows of desks makes you want to run screaming for the exit, do not worry, help is at hand.
  • ATRACTING the best people is fundamental to the success of all companies and in the war for talent, the workplace has become an increasingly important strategic tool to draw and retain exceptional people.
  • IN South Africa’s tough economic climate and competitive business environment, progressive companies are compelled to focus on the engagement and retention of highly skilled and productive employees. To this end, the promotion of employee wellbeing has never been more critical.

  • AGILE working, where employers offer fewer constraints and plenty of flexibility to an employee, is increasingly becoming popular in South Africa. But how should businesses adapt to this trend?
  • CO-WORKING spaces are designed to be dynamic by offering functionality and flexibility and are particularly well suited for companies and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.
  • AS WE approach the festive season, we all look forward to our office year-end function. It is an opportunity to interact with our colleagues in a social setting. People are generally happier and more relaxed at their office party and it is easy to get carried away and forget the “rules of work” o...
  • IT IS estimated that more than a third of the population are introverts, but workplaces seem to increasingly favour noisy extroverts, often to the detriment of people who prefer to work in quieter environments.
  • A WORKPLACE skills plan (WSP) outlines the training and development plans of a company for one year. There is a prescribed format for the plan, which is available on the sector education and training authority (Seta) website