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  • Factors to consider before you enter the job market
    JOB-HUNTING is never an exciting task, of course, but a job seeker who is well-prepared is more likely to find the process less stressful.
  • DUE to a highly competitive market, it is starting to become increasingly difficult for new graduates to get hired for the ideal job right after graduation.
  • YOU have sweated the detail on a proposal to your prospective client and have sign-off from your colleagues. All you need to do now is to upload it to the file-transfer site before your flight leaves.
  • WORK travel can feel nasty, almost as though you have been duped into working on holiday. For many professionals, business travel means travelling alone, and that can mean eating alone.
  • VALENTINE’s Day is not just about flowers and candle-lit dinners. It is an opportunity to contemplate the power of love and the promise of happiness when you find the only one for you.
  • GLOBAL research in 2018 showed that the global welding market grew unexpectedly strongl. That growth, in turn, implied increasing demand for welders.
  • FOR any job interview, the overarching point you want to get across is why the prospective employer should hire you.
  • CURRICULUM vitae is Latin for “course of life”. Another name for a CV is a résumé. A resume should be the story of the applicant’s life in relation to their education and work experience.
  • ONE of the most concerning observations made in the recently released 2018 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG), was that..
  • THE recent row over the educational qualifications, or rather the lack of them, among members of Parliament has taught South Africans one thing at least – that experience only trumps qualifications when there is no stipulated requirement for entry to a particular post.
  • WHILE the rest of the country is struggling to create new jobs or to retain existing ones, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) has managed to keep its head above water with respect to the generation of employment opportunities.
  • EVERY two years, the Department of Higher Education and Training publishes a list of more than 370 high-demand occupations in South Africa, which highlights occupations that show relatively strong employment growth or are facing staff shortages and which may be in demand in future.

  • AT SOME stage in our lives we all have had difficulty in making the right decision about our future and the career we want.

  • A GOOD CV may no longer be enough to get you your dream job. While you are job hunting, it is very important to be prepared for a telephonic interview. Increasingly, many companies are starting the selection process with a telephone call.

  • Applications are now open for the Professional Retail Programme starting in 2019, a life-changing work experience opportunity for graduates looking to jump start their careers.
  • Wednesday 17 October 2018 - In today’s job market and entrepreneurial landscape, there is no room for being another face in the crowd. You have to separate yourself from the competition and be more appealing to potential employers. It’s much easier to achieve this if you create a personal brand f...
  • ALTHOUGH it may seem easy for other people to put together a CV, to some it can be a daunting task because it requires a solid structure that will potentially sell your set of skills to the potential employer. It is paramount that your CV is well-structured as it will possibly boost your chances ...
  • WHETHER you’re looking for a paid or unpaid internship or an entry-level job, finding a great position goes way beyond the job description.
  • WE are all pretty familiar with the age-old triangle of college life: the triangle of good grades, social life, and enough sleep. The crux of the joke (which is not very funny, in reality) is that you can only choose two of these

  • WHETHER you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s, it’s never too late to change your career.