12 career advice articles on Talent360

  • We have regularly reminded employers of the factors that render dismissals for operational requirements (retrenchments) fair and unfair.

  • IT SHOULD go without saying that racist remarks and language is abhorrent, and is treated as such in labour disputes, if proved.
  • THE ongoing failure by Eskom to provide its customers with the product and service it is responsible for gives everyone in managerial positions lessons in how not to manage. There are so many areas on which we can concentrate, but let us just look at some of the more important ones.
  • LOYAL employees are a major asset for a strong team, as well as a company as a whole. Many managers of businesses feel that their employees are automatically loyal just because they’re getting a regular paycheck. The truth is that loyalty is not for sale.
  • The Post Office strike that began some weeks ago did not need to happen. While many government employees earn more than their private sector counterparts others such as postal workers are often underpaid.

  • TODAY, there is a near continuous need for companies to keep repositioning themselves and rework their strategies in pursuit of success.

  • Attention, all South African brands: the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) wants to (temporarily) “steal” a few letters from your name. But it’s for an excellent cause!
  • The inaugural Africa wide Employment Engagement Awards and Conference provide opportunities for business leaders to champion continent-wide achievements and innovative approaches to engaging employees, customers and communities on the global platform, created by The Employee Engagement Awards & C...
  • “We are beginning to see clients asking questions on how to future proof workplaces so they remain appealing to an older and extremely valuable workforce that is rich with know-how.” Here’s how companies can adapt their workspaces:

  • A RESTRAINT of trade is a provision in a contract of employment that, typically, provides that after termination of employment, the employee is restricted in the work he/she can perform in that he/she will be restrained from performing similar work in competition with his/her former employer, for...
  • With 14 411 spaces worldwide - is coworking becoming the new normal? News release from Giant Leap
  • Depending on who you ask, the definition of a millennial seems to vary with different cut-off years and points of reference. Even a crowd sourced initiative by The New York Times yielded inconclusive results.