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  • ANA celebrates 4th birthday marked by strong growth
    CAPE TOWN, March 1 (ANA) - Four years ago today, on 1 March 2015, a small start-up with grand ambitions and an African dream was born.
  • We have regularly reminded employers of the factors that render dismissals for operational requirements (retrenchments) fair and unfair.

  • IT SHOULD go without saying that racist remarks and language is abhorrent, and is treated as such in labour disputes, if proved.
  • THE ongoing failure by Eskom to provide its customers with the product and service it is responsible for gives everyone in managerial positions lessons in how not to manage. There are so many areas on which we can concentrate, but let us just look at some of the more important ones.
  • JOB-HUNTING is never an exciting task, of course, but a job seeker who is well-prepared is more likely to find the process less stressful.
  • THE Department of Labour’s Advocacy and Statutory Services, under the Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES) Unit, has successfully collected outstanding money due to employees for non-payment of work done on Sundays and underpayment from Gcogco Security, Mamela Hardware and World Focus.
  • THE mismatch between employees’ experience in the workplace and outside of it can contribute to a higher level of disengagement and unhappiness.
  • DUE to a highly competitive market, it is starting to become increasingly difficult for new graduates to get hired for the ideal job right after graduation.
  • It is very convenient to employ a worker on the basis of a fixed-term contract. However, labour law strictly curtails the use of such contracts which may only be used under special circumstances.

  • YOU have sweated the detail on a proposal to your prospective client and have sign-off from your colleagues. All you need to do now is to upload it to the file-transfer site before your flight leaves.
  • WORK travel can feel nasty, almost as though you have been duped into working on holiday. For many professionals, business travel means travelling alone, and that can mean eating alone.
  • VALENTINE’s Day is not just about flowers and candle-lit dinners. It is an opportunity to contemplate the power of love and the promise of happiness when you find the only one for you.
  • GLOBAL research in 2018 showed that the global welding market grew unexpectedly strongl. That growth, in turn, implied increasing demand for welders.
  • SOUTH Africa’s national minimum wage legislation came into effect on January 1, setting the minimum wage at R18 per hour for farmworkers, R15 per hour for domestic workers and R20 per hour across most other sectors of the economy.
  • SUCCESSION planning can be implemented in both the private and public sectors and not intended only for the private sector as seems to be the impression.
  • In the case of Moloi vs Quthing Construction and Developers CK (2007, 8 BALR 720) the accused was given a final warning after he had been repeatedly late for work and had displayed a ‘negative attitude’.
  • THE office you choose for your business has a direct impact on your employees, your clients and, of course, your bottom line.
  • WHEN you graduate from high school, you have a variety of options available to you. You may be planning to go to university or you may be working full-time.
  • It is applicable irrespective of whether the discussion is part of an annual review or takes place in the form of performance counselling associated with disciplinary action. It is implemented,

  • INCOMPATIBILITY between an employee and his or her colleagues can, and often does, result in fair dismissal on grounds of either misconduct or incapacity.